Help the environment  and a worthy  cause.  We recycle year around.  Bring a sack of  empty aluminum cans with you when your child comes out  for a lesson. 


Sign up for their search engine, designate Angel Fire as your charity of choice, and Good Search will send a donation any time you use their service; more if you buy an item online. 


 relies solely on the kindness of benefactors to continue its  important work with youth.  When you donate to Angel Fire,
you  will enrich the lives of children by helping them to follow their  dreams through the bonds they form with the other students,  volunteers instructors, and animals.

 There are several ways to submit a donation: cash or check,
in  person or by mail, or by credit card via Paypal.
 All donations are  tax-deductible. 

"Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love."                              Mother Teresa


To become a volunteer, fill out our Volunteer Application Packet and e-mail, mail or drop it off at our office.  Once we review your application, we will contact you. Horses and children will both benefit from your help. 


Eat at Johnnies. on the third Thursday of the month, and mention Angel Fire when you order your food to have a donation sent our way. 
Garage Sale Items:
 Donate garage sale items.  We have a tan box set up in front of the One Hour Moto Photo in Guthrie, OK.   The location is 308 S Division.  If items are too large to leave, please call and we will arrange pick-up.

Needed items:

If you wish to donate items, or have these items to spare we have need for them:

Office Supplies:                      

Copier paper

Liquid paper correction fluid (write out)

Ink cartridges for a Canon printer C1-241 and 

240x1 black

Ink cartridges  for an EpsonXP-300   (200)

Horse needs:

Sweet feed

Hay (round or square bales, we can pick up and give a tax donation letter)​

Horse treats

Fly Spray

Horse Wormer

Barn needs:

Feed Scopes

Feed Buckets

Feed Pans

Lead ropes

Water hoses-any size

Big barn or shop brooms

Fly control products

Skin So Soft from Avon

Red Gloves Program

If you wish to donate items, we need the following:

Children's hats, gloves, scarves

Horse books

These will be given out to children in need.