ANGEL FIRE EQUESTRIAN CENTER                                                         MENTORING CHILDREN THROUGH  HORSEMANSHIP 

"Give a little love to a child and you get a great deal back."  John Ruskin

Angel Fire Equestrian Center, Inc., located in Coyle, Oklahoma is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Angel Fire Equestrian Center utilizes horses and lessons in horseback riding to mentor and teach chlldren

Angel Fire Equestrian Center offers horseback riding lessons and entry into our mentoring program to all children. Angel Fire Equestrian Center operates from donations  from generous individuals and corporations. 

Angel Fire Equestrian Center believes in the benefits of giving children a chance to connect  to animals, especially horses.  We feel the bond between child and horse leads  the child towards  building a positive self image, gaining self reliance and developing useful social skills.  Friendship between the horse and child is also beneficial in the child's development into a productive adult. 

Angel Fire Equestrian Center teaches a child the basics of caring for a horse.  A child is taught how to groom and ride a horse.  Children  learn to respect and love the horses under the guidance of mentoring adults.  

Angel Fire Equestrian is a faith based organization.  We are staffed mainly by volunteers.  Angel Fire Equestrian serves the children of Logan, Oklahoma, and Payne counties in Oklahoma.  

Angel Fire Equestrian Center is an educationally based organization.  We offer tutoring and other activities to aid children in learning.  Partnering with Coyle Public Schools, Angel Fire offers a "read to the animals" program.  Child can read to the horse or animal of their choice.